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  1. We’ll only use this information to consider and, if accepted, fulfill your request for a free try-out of Juralio, and to stay in touch with you to seek your feedback and respond to any questions or suggestions you may have.
  2. Completing this form doesn’t guarantee you a free try-out or anything else.
  3. Use of Juralio in the free try-out period is free of charge. During the 14 days, you can decide whether to take out a subscription. See the terms for details, including data deletion and export.


Yes – completely. 

After the 14 day try-out, you can decide whether to take out a subscription or to stop using Juralio (if so, your data will be deleted but you’ll have a chance to download it).

The basic pricing is £8 / $10 / €10 per individual account per month.

There will be discounts for taking a year’s subscription and for large numbers of accounts. 

We have various help articles and walkthroughs in Juralio. We also offer direct help via our support portal in the platform or you can contact us through support@juralio.com

Juralio can be used in all kinds of work e.g. business, transactions, legal, operations, personal projects. See our use cases on the home page for more information.

Yes! At the start of early access, we’ve provided six varied templates to get you started. We’ll be adding more over time. If you want us to look at providing a template on a particular topic, let us know!

This is a tool for the whole team – not just the tech savvy. Juralio is easy to use which means people want to use it! It doesn’t require an intensive training course. 

Yes. The administrators of your Juralio organisation control who has access to that organisation’s information. The person who signs up for Juralio will be the first organisation administrator. They can then appoint others.

Yes. ISO 27001 – a leading global security standard. We also have the UK government’s Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

The data stored in Juralio, hosted on AWS, is located in the UK.

We use some sub-processors which process data outside the UK. For details, please see our privacy notice and data protection agreement.

Yes. We use Fathom Analytics to understand how the product is being used. We chose them because we find their approach to privacy protection to be credible. We don’t use Google Analytics.



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