Joined-up legal work and budgeting platform

Joins up lawyers and clients, work and financials

Coordinate complex work more effectively

Easily see how matters and their workstreams break down, the status of phases and tasks, who’s doing what, and more.

Easily improve and share legal processes

Capture phases and tasks as process templates which people can learn from and easily adopt for their work, while flexibly adapting to bespoke situations.

Better cost projection and pricing

Project how much legal work is going to cost, price it, then track the reality of work and cost against the projection. Use the resulting data to improve in future.

Examples of how you can use Juralio

Use Juralio to streamline real estate transactions 

1) Save time spent training new team members and planning transactions by capturing and re-using processes

2) Improve project insight with the ability to keep track of moving parts and important deadlines in real time

3) Decrease hours of writing internal and external reports with consistent handling and reporting of a variety of work

Use Juralio to stay on top of operations, risk management and business-as-usual

1) Save time on repeatable processes by capturing them within templates and re-using all or part of them between periods

2) Reduce cost and risk by increasing visibility in ways that everyone can understood, rather than getting lost in spreadsheet hell

3) Create consistent data that can be used when reviewing and setting future goals

Use Juralio to manage inherently unpredictable and complex litigation and arbitration, as well as more predictable elements

1) Quickly establish the main elements of a process from templates

2) Decrease the time spent familiarising others on a case’s history

3) Enhance internal team and client communications, and reduce risk, with real time progress and digestible reports including all relevant information

Use Juralio to plan and execute projects within and between organisations and business units

1) Keep track of moving parts with real-time insights and instant reporting for better communication

2) Stay on time and budget with effective resource allocation and prioritisation

3) Tame the chaos by reducing the email and message traffic

Use Juralio to organise a highly developed and regulated industry with a variety of specialities

1) Align teams and projects with business goals by maintaining constant company oversight in one cross-functional platform

2) Reduce time wasted waiting for quarterly reports with consistent data, reviewable at the click of a button and the ability to expand into in-depth detail

3) Create an enhanced client experience by demonstrating their business needs and providing effective solutions in a clear format

Use Juralio to unify a variety of specialist teams with a common goal

1) Demonstrate and communicate understanding of the business needs with ease in visual maps and timelines

2) Cut down hours spent on progress updates both internally and externally with real time progress and instant digestible reports

3) Proactively keep track of risks and workload allocation to make the best use of resources available

Use Juralio to keep track of ongoing complex projects at both an overview and a granular level

1) Minimise risks with better visibility into each aspect of the investigation and insights into the upcoming work

2) Eliminate the need for lengthy case meetings and breakdowns by quickly bringing new parties up to speed with easy to understand roadmaps with context

3) Improve efficiency by managing workload allocation to focus resources where they matter most

Putting together complex corporate group reports can be painful. Juralio helps

1. Define the elements of work, break them down and add dates and people

2. Track the work, make adjustments and chase up when you need to with clarity as to who’s done what and what’s still required. Reduce the email onslaught

3. When you’ve done last year’s report, easily turn it into a template to reduce the pain for the new cycle



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