Software help lawyers and clients collaborate more effectively

Software to help clients and lawyers collaborate more effectively


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Juralio is software for complex legal projects

Software used in complex legal projects tends to focus on things like

  1. unstructured communication - messages and calls

  2. document production - generating, negotiating and executing them

  3. document analysis -  e.g. reviewing and annotating them in large volumes in contexts such as litigation, investigations and acquisitions

  4. researching the law and related practices

  5. costs - e.g. capturing and charging for time, reviewing service providers' bills

Significant steps are also starting to be taken by law firms and legal departments to automate repetitive processes and to analyse unstructured data to help improve financial performance and for other purposes.

Juralio does something different, which complements these familiar software categories.

It's a software platform designed to help teams who work on complex legal projects to plan and execute them more effectively.

It helps you to articulate the elements of such projects - bespoke as well as repetitive - and communicate about them in a way which assists everyone to see what's going on, both at a high level and at whatever level of detail is required.

It adopts a visual approach which helps you to focus on what's to be done and how it fits into the overall plan, with less distraction from overwhelming volumes of documents, messages and financial data. 

It's suitable for use within a single organisation or across organisations (e.g. law firm and client).

It copes particularly well with the realities of change and unexpected developments, helping you to deal with them without losing direction.

We've put lots of effort into providing just the right amount of structure and making it really simple to use while also enabling you to scale it up to really large projects without losing comprehensibility.

By helping everyone involved in complex legal projects to see more clearly what's going on and where their work fits in, it also contributes to the achievement of better quality, more cost-effective projects and happier teams.



Benefits for legal departments


Juralio can help you to

  • articulate ideas and requirements more clearly, to lawyers and non-lawyers alike

  • execute tasks and communicate about what's planned, what's being done and what's completed

  • report more efficiently

  • capture know-how which can be used to learn lessons and make evidence-based improvements

  • improve corporate memory of what happened in this project

  • have better access to your data (and reduce your reliance on legal service providers' storage of your data on their systems)

  • reduce billing disputes (because of the increased clarity up front about what work's being done)

  • achieve higher quality, lower risk and lower cost

  • spend less time on low value activities (e.g. trying to find project information by searching your email)


Benefits for law firms


Juralio can help with things like

  • delivering better client service

  • achieving higher quality and lower risk through greater transparency

  • more competitive pricing levels and structures

  • better margins - fewer write-offs of work that clients won't pay for

  • happier clients - because it's easier to see what's going on and collaborate properly with you, and because less work is being done that they don't value enough to pay for happily

  • capturing experience and learning from it project-to-project

  • providing a more satisfying working experience for your team



Secure cloud

We offer Juralio on a secure virtual private cloud basis.

You have control over your own instance of Juralio.

We can update it or you can manage it, as you wish.