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Graeme Johnston / 3 February 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Slaughter and May have, since January 2023, started making Juralio available across the firm.  This follows Juralio winning the firm’s Collaborate competition in December 2020 and a pilot in 2021.

The 2023 roll-out started with the firm’s London Corporate and Disputes groups and some Business Services teams. By April 2023, it will be available to the whole firm.

Jane Stewart, head of knowledge and innovation at Slaughter and May, said:

“Juralio’s emphasis on making it easier for just about anyone to organise and collaborate on their work is really attractive. We handle very complex matters for clients and it helps everyone involved to see what’s going on.”

Graeme Johnston, co-founder and CEO at Juralio said:

“We’re delighted to see Juralio being made available across the whole of Slaughter and May. It’s a privilege for us to help the firm achieve its goals.”

Alessandro Scalise, in the legal operations team at Slaughter and May, said:

“The fact that Juralio is useful in all types of legal work and for our business services teams as well is unusual and valuable. It helps to tie things together in ways that emails, messages and documents alone cannot. For people new to a particular type of work, it helps them understand the process more quickly, and for more experienced people it helps them see what’s happening.”

About Juralio

Juralio is software which helps you plan and execute work collaboratively. It’s very easy and delightful to use. You can capture processes as templates but also adapt in a very fluid way when unexpected things come up.

Juralio can also be integrated with other systems to provide a joined-up approach. You can easily set up a free trial here

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