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Graeme Johnston / 2 July 2022

The image shows a message I’ve just sent to Juralio early access participants seeking views on which templates to add next.

🟢 Juralio helps you to map your work and get it done. Project management and more. Simple and pleasant to use, and scales to complex stuff while still making it easy to see what’s going on.

🔴 We launched the early-access self-sign-up version ten days ago with six templates:
– Getting started with Juralio
– Moving home
– M&A – acquiring a private company
– ICC arbitration for claimant
– UK private company business operations: VAT set-up
– UK private company business operations: capital raise administration

🔵 The six topics we are considering for the next round are ones that people have expressed interest in that we can readily handle in-house:
– Hiring employees
– Contract preparation and negotation
– Product design
– ICC arbitration for respondent
– English civil court claim

We’re considering options for sourcing a wider range of templates in future as well, but more on that in due course.

For now, if any of this sounds interesting and you’d like to try Juralio, it’s free-of-charge until the end of July and moderately priced after that.

The sign-up form is at https://www.juralio.com/early-access/



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