Juralio 2022 ~ A warm welcome back and what to expect from us

Molly MacGregor / 12 January 2022

Happy New Year from Scotland! For the (controversial) avoidance of bad luck we’ve taken down our festive decorations from the website but our snow covered backdrop remains as we gear up for another white January! 

Personally, I’ve never enjoyed the looming pressures of a new year and forced resolutions (which are almost always broken within the first month). That’s why at Juralio we’re choosing to keep our blog and website goals the exact same. New year; same us! Below are three of our goals that we aim to achieve with the content we produce. 

  1. Succinct and interesting

Juralio helps people to visualise complex work through easy-to-understand maps. We aim to make every aspect of what Juralio does as easy to understand as our fantastic product. This includes our website and blog content. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time with click-baity pieces. So we don’t. Clear, simple and to the point! That’s our first goal.

  1. A variety of outlooks

We believe that for something complex to work well, a variety of perspectives are likely to help. We work in cross-functional teams and plan to continue to do so. This is why we will be continuing to publish pieces on a mixture of topics written by different members of our team. We all have expertise in our own areas which can be of use to those who work with a collaborative mindset. 

  1. A conversational approach rather than set in stone 

Finally, we want these blogs to be the beginning of the discussion and not the end. Just as our product is continually evolving, we have the same goal for our website and blog content. We always encourage your input and are happy to discuss in more depth with those that are curious about certain topics. On this note, if you have any suggestions of topics you would like our perspective on let us know on our linkedin comments or send us a private message! 

Photo by Deyan Spasov taken near Nethy Bridge, Scotland



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