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Graeme Johnston / 29 November 2021

As we launch our new website today, a few words on what Juralio is, and where we’re going —

Juralio’s basic propositions are that

  • It’s easier to manage work if you can see more easily what’s intended, under way and done.

  • Attractive, visual, easy-to-understand maps help you to do so, by allowing you to organise documents, messages, numbers and all the rest around people’s needs and the work being done to meet them.

We started off focusing on the needs of people handling complex legal work. But we’ve found that people have used Juralio enthusiastically for other types of complex work as well. Some examples are on the home page.

So, we plan to stay relevant to legal work but we’re also going wider.

Juralio combines these things:

  1. You can add just enough structure to work to show how its elements relate and break down.
  2. It’s really easy to capture and reuse such elements. Easy is important.
  3. We empower people to easily express work and share better ways to do it, as opposed to constraining them with rules. We’re fans of rule-based systems, for automating highly repetitive flows, but Juralio is focused on more complex, fluid work.
  4. When the unexpected occurs, our maps change shape but retain a recognisable shape, rather than degenerating into long lists of documents and messages.
  5. Matters handled in Juralio remain usable for everyone. Super-users can do their thing, but everyone else can just cut through it, by zooming up or down to the desired level of detail. Contrast the way in which lists, documents, emails, slide decks and spreadsheets tend to lose comprehensibility.
  6. Useful integration with existing systems, in both directions – for example, you can edit Google Documents within Juralio, and you can use Juralio within Microsoft Teams. Juralio works with your other systems, not in isolation from them. It’s not to be confused with an old-school project management system, used by PMs and largely ignored by everyone else.
  7. A strong emphasis on calm, simplicity and human values as well as the usual “faster, more efficient, more scaleable” propositions of tech products. 

That last point is reflected in the new website design.

At the moment we’re focused on medium to large organisations, with user numbers starting at 20.

We plan to write more about what we’re doing. Thanks for reading.



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