We help clients and lawyers collaborate

A unique software platform to help you handle complex legal projects more effectively

Juralio adopts a visual approach which helps you to focus on what's to be done, what has been done, and how it all fits into the bigger picture.

It helps with

  • planning and execution
  • bespoke and repetitive elements
  • high level and detailed views
  • internal and external (e.g. client/law firm) collaboration
  • things that go to plan and things that arise unpredictably
  • really high, as well as moderate, complexity
  • avoiding being overwhelmed by the noise of documents, messages and financial data

By helping everyone involved in complex legal projects to see more clearly what's going on and where their work fits in, Juralio helps you achieve higher quality, greater value-for-money and happier teams.

Juralio is not one of the familiar categories of tools already used by lawyers. But it helps you join them up.

If you're a lawyer, you're probably using specialised tools for things like

  • document handling (depending on the kind of work you do, this may include specialised software for document assembly, draft-handling, e-signatures, file-sharing, ediscovery, contract review, etc)
  • costs (e.g. ebilling, practice management systems, time entry)
  • legal research

Juralio does not seek to duplicate these tools but instead provides a central place to organise the planning and execution of work on a complex legal project and to engage effectively with everyone involved.

Juralio has comprehensive APIs and can be integrated with these familiar tools.


Benefits for lawyers

Juralio can help you to achieve happier clients by

  • providing greater insight into what you're doing

  • achieve higher quality and lower risk

  • offer better value for money

Secure private cloud

We offer Juralio on a secure virtual private cloud basis.

In short, all the benefits of cloud but you're in control.