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The log below summarises changes to the four sets of legal terms published on this website

  • Product terms of use
  • Data processing agreement
  • Community template provision terms
  • Privacy notice
  • Website terms of use

To see the full text of the various versions please use the four tabs below.

23 September 2022
  • Product terms of use:
    • Section 15 – added final sentence to clarify that free trial period can be extended even if expired
    • Section 16 – corrected typos (JLT / JTL)
    • Section 22 – replaced final bullet point in section 22 with new text on permissive open source (Apache 2.0) licensing of community templates
    • New section 23 – Juralio community templates
    • Section 30 – replaced third bullet point in section 29 with new text covering disclaimer for community templates
    • Section 31 – deleted ‘related’ from before ‘court proceedings
    • New sections 32 and 33 – termination for non-payment, and following free trial
    • Section 37 – added ‘period’ after ‘that 90 day’
    • Consequential renumbering to reflect the new sections
  • Community template provision terms:
    • A new set of terms applying between JTL and people supplying community template content for publication on the Juralio software platform.
16 september 2022
  • Data processing agreement: 
    • Addition of Unsplash as a sub-processor, providing images for templates
    • For convenience, addition of product names Fathom, Sheety and Google Workspace after the names of the relevant sub-processors


1 August 2022
  • Data processing agreement: 
    • Addition of Stripe as a sub-processor
    • Minor wording revisions in line with new version of the OneDPA standard published after 20 June 2022 
  • Product terms of use: 
    • Replacement of sections 15 and 16 (early access and subsequent use) with new sections 15 and 16 covering free trials, pricing and payment
    • This change reflected the end of our early access free-of-charge period on 31 July 2022
    • In section 18, we clarified the drafting to specify that the AWS region used is the UK, though this is also indicated elsewhere
    • Other changes were non-substantive drafting glitches (e.g. consistent use of defined terms)

20 June 2022
  • First version of product terms of use published
  • First version of data processing agreement published
    • Based on oneDPA standard
  • Updated privacy notice published
    • If you need an earlier version, please contact us


3 March 2022
  • Updated website terms of use published
    • If you need an earlier version, please contact us




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