Software to help lawyers and their clients collaborate more effectively
Our first product, Juralio Projects, helps lawyers to
  • Map
    process, activity and costs
  • Collaborate
    with each other and non-lawyers
  • Plan and price
    more accurately and transparently
Juralio Projects helps by
  • Visualising
    in scalable ways everyone can understand
  • Focusing
    on the things that really matter
  • Connecting
    things that tend to uncouple, e.g. plans and realities, activities and costs
Juralio Projects provides lawyers and clients with
  • Financial benefits
    fewer surprises, less duplication, fewer billing disputes
  • Happier experience
    more time for things of higher value
  • Continuous improvement
    easier to see, and learn from, what happened
  • Graeme Johnston
  • CEO
  • Previously a partner at a leading global law firm, with a
    track record of successful innovation.
  • Victor Bekink
  • CMO
  • Substantial experience in practising law and (in financial and commercial roles) instructing lawyers.
  • Steve Larcombe
  • Chair
  • Long international business career, including substantial experience instructing and working with lawyers.
  • Chris Turns
  • Development Manager
  • A decade of experience driving high quality software development in fast-paced settings.
Juralio Ltd is registered in Scotland, company number SC441468, with its registered office at 22 Springfield, Dundee, DD1 4JE.
We are currently piloting with selected organisations. Please contact us to find out more.

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